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Our Story

I’m Pete Hunsinger, during nine amazing years as publisher of GQ magazine, we witnessed two extraordinary apparel trends that are stronger today than ever.

ONE: Men have discovered the importance of fit — the tailored slim suit, the custom-made shirt, the perfect tee. A precise fit engenders confidence, it’s the ultimate style statement.

TWO: The modern male is all about personal style. Make it your own. Interestingly it seems socks have replaced the neck tie as the prevalent form of personal expression.

It puzzled me why the sock world hasn’t kept up with those trends, so I reached out to my friend Tom Kallish, a 40-year veteran of the technical apparel, fabric and yarn industry. Tom founded many of the technologies in your clothes today.

We decided to research this and talked to hundreds of men. We asked one question, “what size do you wear?” If they knew, at all most agreed their socks simply didn’t fit well.

It took the better part of 6 months, about a hundred men and some very disciplined hard work to figure out the perfect size system from 7 to 17. Feet come in all shapes so we had to factor six important variables for each size.

Once we got it, all of our wear testers told us that a better fitting sock made their feet feel better all day. And nothing had ever fit them better than KANE 11 In the end, our unique sizing system was so innovative that we filed a patent with the USPTO.

Traditional sock brands either sell in one-size-fits-all or Small, Medium Large. It appeared that we had discovered a new and completely unserved market. Men want a perfect fit and a unique kind of style. Men love socks, especially when they are comfortable, fashionable and durable. KANE 11 was born.

Our idea was simple to make high end quality socks in individual sizes from 7 to 17. We were pretty sure that making socks in individual sizes would be embraced by men who were tired of socks made for multiple size feet Try a pair of KANE 11’s and see what Esquire, Men’s Health, Golf Digest and the Strategist as well as KANE 11 customers are saying about our fit and style.

KANE 11 precisely your size

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Let’s keep this simple. If for any reason you don’t love our socks like we do, just send them back for an exchange or a return. No questions asked.

Sustainable Product and Process

KANE 11 socks are produced to the highest environmental standards. We use more natural yarns in our socks than any other manufacturer because of our unique sizing system. In the finishing process, we reclaim all our water: reduce, reuse and recycle.