About Us

I’m Pete Hunsinger, during my nine amazing years as publisher of GQ magazine, the most extraordinary apparel trend that I witnessed grows stronger every day..

Men have discovered the importance of fit — the tailored slim suit, tailored casual clothing, the custom-made shirt, the perfect tee.

It puzzled me why the sock world hasn’t kept up with those trends, so I reached out to one of the most seasoned technical apparel fabric and yarn experts, my friend Tom Kallish. Tom founded many of the technologies you are wearing right now.

We gathered about a hundred men whose feet were from size 7 to 17 one question “What size sock do you buy?” About 80 said “It depends on the brand, but I usually buy size ranges,” “6-12 or 9-13” and the other 20 or so said “I buy, one size fits all.”

That was all Tom needed to hear. Over the next 6 months working with some of the best sock technicians in the sock industry we perfected a size scale for socks in individual sizes from 7 to 17 that fit each individual size foot perfectly. The hit or miss experience of buying socks in the right size was over.

All today’s sock brands either sell one size fits all or just a couple of sizes to fit every size foot. Kane 11 changed all of that. Now, for the first time you have a choice to wear a sock specifically made to fit your individual size foot from size 7 to 17. It’s one of those first-time moments, your first crush, the first time you drove a car, you know that feeling we’re talking about. When you wear a pair of Kane 11's for the first time you’ll understand what wearing a sock that truly fits means. That’s why Esquire, Men’s Health, Golf Digest, the Strategist, Better Connecticut and Good Day NY “That’s genius, why didn’t someone think of this earlier,” all picked up on us.

So, we have one question for you “What size socks do you wear?” Try a pair of Kane 11's you’ll never go back to buying socks in size ranges again.