Four sets of legs. From left black ankle socks, mint green ankle socks, grey and orange quarter height socks, grey with white and red stripe socks crew height.

One day I was getting dressed – underwear, shirt, pants, and then I opened the sock drawer and couldn’t find one pair of socks that truly fit.  It was awful some were too small, others bunched up in the toe, and still others wouldn’t stay up.  Then it hit me - ALL socks are made in sizes like 9-12 or S,M,L,XL and worse, one-size-fits-all. At that point KANE 11 was born.

We went deep into research studying fibers, yarns, knitting techniques, design, finishing, sock machinery and American mills.  More importantly, we studied thousands of feet in order to develop an entirely new sock sizing system that matches your precise foot size.

Harry, Foyt, Sebring, and Laguna became our first prototypes and I can honestly tell you these are still my favorite - and make it on our Best Seller list every time. 

KANE 11 socks are precisely my size, offer optimum performance, unmatched fit and wear forever.  We guarantee you will love our socks as much as we do.  If not just send ‘em back and we’ll return your money.

KANE 11— Your foot, your size, and all day comfort.

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