Individual Sizing

At Kane 11 we have one question for you “What size sock do you wear?” If you are like everyone else we asked you just don’t know. How could you?

That’s because all sock companies make their socks in one-size fits all or just a couple of sizes to fit every size foot. We think that’s crazy.

At Kane 11 we make our socks in 11 individual sizes from 7 to 17.

Of course, we changed the length of the toe to the heel on each size, but we also addressed the circumference, diameter, redesigned the heel pocket and for the first time have a specific measurement of the toe box, which is the area from the ball of your foot to the top of your toes. The result, no more heel hiking, toe bunching or that towel under your toe feeling.  It just makes sense, your feet hold up your whole body and the better your socks fit the more comfortable you are going to feel all day. That’s the Kane 11 promise.

Stop compromising your comfort and try a pair of Kane 11 Socks. You’ll never go back to hit or miss size ranges again.