Four pairs of feet in socks sitting on truck tailgate.

You deserve socks in your exact size.

The Vision

The sock industry hasn’t had a meaningful change in over 50 years. Kane 11 is trailblazing new standards in socks with individual sizing, fit and comfort to carry the industry into the future.

socks arranged around the edge of the frame creating color gradient.

We have your size.

The Mission

To innovate and change the way we all wear socks forever by producing and delivering a sock experience of elevated comfort driven by individual sizing and fit.

Four pairs of feet in socks standing on truck tailgate.

Comfort re-imagined. Socks that actually fit.

Eleven individual sizes for men.

Seven individual sizes for women.

Once you try a pair of KANE 11's
you'll never go back to wearing socks
in multi-size ranges again.

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