It's all about choice. So we gave you choice.

our story

Ever wonder why you can’t buy socks in your exact size? So did we.

All other sock brands only sell socks in size ranges – and they simply don’t fit.
So we decided to make socks that do fit. Your exact shoe size.

Sound pretty smart? We thought so.

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We have your size. Promise.

our team

We put together the best of the best of fiber/yarn experts, and great factory partners all working together to bring you the most comfortable socks in the world.

The science of socks - Made with love in the USA. usa_flag

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Your foot. Your size.

our story

Eleven individual sizes for men – Seven individual sizes for women.

One size sock for each size foot.

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So you want to know how they really feel...

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Once you try a pair of KANE 11's
you'll never go back to wearing socks
in multi-size ranges again.