Precision Sizing

Here’s a question. What size socks do you wear? If you are like everybody else we asked you just don’t know. How could you? That’s because all sock companies today make socks in just a couple of sizes to fit every size foot or one size fits all. How can a size 9-13 sock fit a size 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 foot the same? Obviously, it can’t.

Kane 11 worked with over a hundred individuals with all shapes and sizes of feet from sizes 7-17 to create a size scale that fits each single size foot perfectly. We addressed 6 key components to accomplish this: length, from top of toe to middle of heel. Width, side to side. Circumference, diameter, the heel pocket which we completely re-designed to never slip and the toe box which is the area from the ball of your foot to the top of your toes. The result: no more heel hiking, toe bunching or that towel under your toe feeling.

The results of our Research and Development was eye opening. When your sock fits this perfectly you and your feet will be more comfortable all day. That’s a promise. It’s one of those first-time moments, once you wear a pair of Kane 11’s you’ll never go back to hit or miss size ranges again.