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Precision Sizing

Traditional sock companies sell either one or three sizes to fit every size foot. Did you know the difference between a size 7 and 17 foot can be in excess of 7 inches? And a common size like 9-12 can be up to 3 inches. Picture that in your mind! How can one sock possibly fit that big of a differential? We’re talking 4 different size feet.

In developing the KANE 11’s size scale we worked with over a hundred individuals with all shapes and sizes of feet from size 7-17 to design and engineer a sock that precisely fits each size to perfection (half sizes and wide feet size up). We used 6 key adjustments to accomplish this: length, width, height, diameter, the toe box and the heel pocket. Our R&D was so relevant, we filed a patent with the USPTO. 

KANE 11 is proud to be the first real relevant innovation in traditional sock brands in the last 50 years. Once you wear a pair of KANE 11’s you’ll never go back to one size fits all again.

KANE 11 Sock Display